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Apoorva Pathak
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I feel feminism is better than patriarchy as our society needs a change. Since ancient times we have seen the trend of patriarchy. considering males as the best feature on this planet and always dominated women in every field. but now there must be a change in order. There are many advantages of having society were female dominates and even this idea is excepted worldwide. Feminism not only shows empathy and sympathy which are an essential part of ethics when she is working in any field.
She creates her distinct identity even experts say that if more and more women will be engaged in jobs total GDP of the world will be likely to increase.
There will no feeling of competition and jealousy as feminism creates the situation of safety and comfort, this will enhance the situation of status quo where will be peace and no one will be dominated by other and more likely feeling of an inclusive society. The violence against women will also come to an end. There will be no feeling of fear and all will be freer. Enhance the concept of gender equality patriarchy is rough there only one power dominates and no one cares about other whereas in feminism there is the feeling of equality.
It creates a world of fear and also harmful to the social, political, and economic environment. there is much tribal society in northeast India where they have a stronghold on feminism. Patriarchy also encourages terrorism and muscle power. Our society must give the chance to women to hold the society and enhance it more. It’s always better to have a change and explore it for our betterment.