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Normally society distinguishes genders as males and females but many of them don’t see or value the ones who are transgender. Transgender are ones whose gender does not come in exact male or female category, they are born as male and female but the behavior or structure or identity differs from others. It is not only those transgender’s genitals are intermixed but many a case it also includes people whose behavior and cations differ from normally expected from everyone.
Talking about laws and rights, the court gives rights to transgender under Articles 14, 15, 16, and 21. So they should not be discriminated against on the ground of gender. These laws are much needed to be practiced.
Now the time has changed and people understand and don’t discriminate much, but back then it was not like that, in fact, the family was the one who treated them very differently and not equally. The laws are helping them and now there are many changes in each field, like in education there was a time before when they are not allowed in schools, employment was not provided harassment was seen, transgenders were neglected by society and people gave them names and discriminated and distinguished them from a normal human being, but after the amendment of The Transgender Person (Protection of Rights) Act,2019. |
Laws really work if each individual understands and doesn’t treat others small or laid down because of their gender. Things take time but with each little effort, we can make it a better place for everyone.