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Transgender people who differ from the society thinking and existence of only two gender which is man & women because of this they has different appearance towards society , transgender has historically ignored , abuse , humiliated and made to suffer. The problems from which transgender suffer from education, unemployment, homelessness, health care facilities, depression, alcohol abuse and discrimination. To protect their rights and to solve their problems, Constitution of Indian provided them their own rights not only that The Supreme Court has given them right to be recognized as “Third Gender”. The government introduce the bill for transgender person protection of Wrightsville on 2019 on 19 July and passed by lok Sabha on 5th august 2019 then the bill went to rajya sabha and clear on 26th November 2019 the bill was protect the rights of the trans community , This law sill require in trans people to get a certificate from the district magistrate which means they certified that the person is trans gender , But not every trans person is happy. This bill also criminalizes for sexual abuse , a person can be prisoned for six month to two years for committing any abuse act against any trans gender person. The transgender peoples is not happy because the sentence of sexually abuse against a trans gender person is les than that of sexually abuse of women , if a women gets raped then the accused go to jail for seven years to full life but for trans people it’s for six months to two years.