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Patriarchy allows men to objectify women whenever and however they want; female sexuality is demonized, while male sexuality is praised. Patriarchy also allows for rape culture to prevail, in which women are often blamed for being raped because of the way they dress.
Patriarchy demands that people stick to gender binaries which hurts both women and men. Because it’s based on lies. Some of them think like Men are not smarter than women. They are not better decision makers than women. They are not better leaders than women. They don’t have better judgment. Women are not inherently more emotional than men. They are not “just interested in different things.” The truth is better than lies. That’s why patriarchy is bad and the liberation of women is important. Good feminism is about making sure women have the ability to make informed, force choices. Choices about her body, choices about her education, choices about her career, all those sorts of things. The concept of feminism is very much needed, especially in the Middle-East and in India. The idea of feminism deals with the notion of establishing equality between men and women, and to break away the chains of male supremacy, toxic masculinity and patriarchy. We must acknowledge the fact that women were age old victims of male dominance. It required too many movements, speeches and articles to get our basic human rights like right to vote, education and to do job. But still, patriarchy is so deeply rooted in our society that females are killed/judged/ humilated /questioned for living a liberal and independent life. Feminism should start at home itself and this involves the cooperation of both men and women. A man can contribute to to feminism by helping his mother or sister or wife in doing the household chores like washing utensils or washing clothes or cooking. Women can contribute to feminism by making sure that she is respected , otherwise there is no reason for her to respect the man who doesn’t respect her. Breaking stereotypes of men and women about what they can do and what they cannot do or what they should do or what they shouldn’t do, is very important, because men and women both deserve equal rights , equal pay at work and mutual respect for each other. Feminism can only be a success then we focus on basic human rights in spite of caste creed, gender, colour ,nationality, etc.