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Semantee Chattopadhyay
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Female foeticide is the selective abortion of female foetuses. Due to this, it was made illegal in India. It is still practised in secret. There is a deep-rooted cultural preference for the boy child which is the main reason for female foeticide in India. There was a national decline from 945 to 927 in the number of girls per thousand boys aged 0-6 between 1991 and 2001. Rural families still believe that girls are a liability. They have to pay for that dowry during marriage and they generally don’t bring any income to the family. Another important issue, responsible for the declining child sex ratio is the low position of women in society due to the long-prevailing gender prejudices. Aspects like health, nutrition education of girl child are mostly ignored.
This can only be cured by education, proper implementation of policies and acts. Female foeticide is a sin! It should be put in the dustbin. The education of women is a powerful tool for improving their nourishment skills, making them aware of the age of marriage. It helps in knowing their self-worth, self-reliance and their empowerment. India has a long way to go in its fight against the practices of female foeticide.