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Gayatri Somvanshi
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Well so far I would say It is not an illusion anymore. Because everyone is now learning from science and especially students in the biology field know the reason and logic behind dark complexion. Originally when it comes to India I dont think it’s a bizarre thing to have tanned skin , brown skin or dark skin. We all know our own skin colour is controlled by secretion of melanin and it’s actually a healthy sign to have a good amount of melanin according to medical studies.
But past years I have seen many people breaking these stereotypes and also opposing racism and telling people to not be so illogical.
I won’t deny the fact that we have all witnessed how people with dark complexions, especially girls, are treated and not termed as beautiful. But let’s also not forget that today we have remarkable examples before us who are practically sparing in the sky like Rihanna , Oprah Winfrey not to forget President Obama and many more.
It’s good to see that many cosmetic brands are promoting glowing skin rather than fair skin. One such change is fair & Lovely changing its name to glow & lovely. So in fact people now have become more sane than the time back then.
Today in fact I would say there are black women ruling the world. We have seen the great beauty peasants of the world have accepted this beauties and in fact declared them as winner and very prominent example is Miss World 2019 Toni-Ann-Singh and Miss Universe 2019 Zozibini Tunzi who are black women but are winners of two most popular Beauty peasants of the world .So who are we to judge people ?
I feel so ironic that Indian people preach godess Kali and God Krishna who are alwasy described to be darked or brown skin but yet they don’t want to accept saanwri saloni.
But lets just be sane and sympathetic and love inner beauty of the people.