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In early period every women has to face physical violence once in her life . Then whether it is in her paternal house on maternal house . Man has a mentality that they have a right on women and they can use her according to their will and needs. People treat women like a slave and suppose her to do work 24 × 7 without any rest and care . In modern era there are many women who are facing these challenges physical violence, domestic violence , which are still common .
Violence can be in any state whether it be a physical or mental and both are very harmful for a woman which is it can affect every woman very badly and deeply the physical injuries fill up but the mental and emotional can’t.
Violence occurs in about 35 per cent of women globally in their lifetime. According to a study done in India , on about 10000 woman, 26 per cent reported having experienced physical violence. According to latest report by National Crime Records Bureau – in every 3 minutes, a case of physical violence on women is reported . In every one hour, 6 woman is sexually assaulted . In every one of young married woman is beaten to death . This is the reality of MORDEN PEOPLE AND DEVELOP COUNTRY .
Many time due to this violence a women suffer a lot of problems like :-
1 -Anxiety
2- Depression
3- Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
4- Increased Risk of Cardiovascular Disease
5- Premature mortality
And the last option for her is
6- Suicide
Every woman has two faces difficult condition in her life . We all should be aware and notice is there any women in our surrounding , who suffering from all these thing . If yes , then we need to take the help of the right that are made for the protection of women and just aware that women about her right and help her to come out of all this drastic situation.