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Earlier people thought that women should do education work, children should be seen in the house and should stay inside the boundary wall. Time passes the thinking of the society change, and the rules and instruction which is applied on women is reduced.
But still there are many people in society who think that a girl should know how to manage household work, how to manage everything and keep everyone. Is it girls is asked to do the work never ask in man to wash utensils what’s the cloth and clean the house? But the women cross all these boundaries and choose her career and start working has to face a lot of hurdles. That woman is supposed to maintain distance between her professional life and personal life. She has to manage her household chores as well as the office work and has to satisfy both. In this journey no one is supposed to help her, even his husband and family e accept from her that she has to do all the work at home then she gets permission to go for work and after coming from there she has to do all the other household work.
But why all these things happen with women. I can understand that, you can expect from the elders of the house because their thinking is old, they walk according to the old times, everything is wrong according to their time. But this is not acceptable from man side he is educated. Is working according to the today’s scenario he can understand, he should understand that now every woman has right to choose her career before her house responsibility. A woman does not get any support from husband or family side even she is advised to manage the work properly how can she effectively and efficiently work in an office and how can she can she has to manage the household work too and pacifier both the parties. A woman is always supposed to work at home as stay at home and do the house chose. People think woman has no right on her own life she has to life for the happiness of other.
Work-life balance predominantly preached to women because society and the people of the society it is the sole responsibility of women to manage household work and if she is working woman, she has to manage both the thing. A man is not supposed to help in the house and support her wife.