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anshika agarwal
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Maternal health is the health of women at the time of pregnancy and child birth. It revolves around the health and wellness of women, particularly when they are pregnant, at the time they give birth, and during child-raising. Motherhood has been considered as a fulfilling natural experience that is emotional to them a high percentage of women go through a lot of challenges where they have to suffer with their health and sometimes even die. 
Pregnancy and child birth is multi-dimensional and has a number of unique features compared to other health issues.Pregnancy is not a disease but it’s a normal process and sometimes which can also have complications.There are two individuals involved whose health is linked with each other the mother and new born baby. Complications can be multiple and recurring in nature which have long-lasting effects on women’s as well as child’s health. There are risk involved in pregnancy. Some women who don’t wish to have a baby go for abortion. Durin the time of pregnancy a woman has alot of mood swings which is natural, her family members should takr care of her mood swings and make her happy as much as possible. Giving some relaxation to her in household work will make her happy. Checkups should be on time.
Maternal health is a important issue in the society today. Family members should take care of the women and give her all the care and love that she deserves.