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anshika agarwal
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In old times this patriarchy society, especially men had thought of them as being the protectors and earners of their families, as due to their income family is living they should be valued to another level in the family. Women are more likely to be appreciated for being good wives and daughter in laws.
As the time passes women are also working like men and going office and earning a livelihood. But still work life balance is on women. She has to maintain a balance between her personal and work life but why it’s not on men. Why women’s are told that they will regret theur career later because they are missing out on their young children’s lives? When man has all the rights to choose her life then why women is even questioned. Men can take a day off from his work for going to watch movie or gym but he can’t take a day off for her wife. If the women asks to him a day off she is being treated as bossy and selfish. Like women does men can also be a good caretaker who can genuinely and supportively support their wives. The ongoing stereotypes are clear and rampant in the world of work. Women are mostly paid less than men for performing the same jobs at the same level.
The problem is work-life balance is invented by men because they think women can have career, babies and do household chores but they can’t balance it properly. Therefore, work life balance predominantly preached to women