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Gayatri Somvanshi
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Lets not forget that we live in a country where the least of a girl getting raped is merely 7 year old. There is a very obvious acceptance from every woman to this question. Honestly, not only 1 in 3 women but I would say that 2 out of the three women have been abused physically, sexually and mentally in this world.
Saddest and cruellest part is the majority of rapes are done by someone from our own family , friends or you can say people whom we trust and are close to. From some blood related people, acquainted uncle to driver , domestic helpers to strangers on the street no one has left to exploit women. From city buses, crowded local trains and streets to empty roads and our own homes there is no secure place for girls.
Personally speaking from my experience the very chance of getting abused is from childhood. Yes you read right. I was lucky that I wasn’t raped but those memories still resurface and often cause me mental issues. There was a time when I literally started avoiding certain places because I felt I am dirty and fear that if I go to this place and we meet he will get a chance to abuse me and what if this time I can’t save myself? I was so depressed that I often would shut myself. I was rejecting my body and hated myself for being weak. I felt disgusted whenever someone complimented my body.My view of men started to be negative.
Though at this point even if I am positive I am still uncomfortable to male touch especially if that person is my family. As I said, abuse starts from childhood . I got my periods early and my body changes started to show up and at this age I was a naive child and couldn’t understand what was happening. We get confused between love and lust and thus in this age we are most likely to be taken advantage of.
The most important thing I would like to highlight is that the abuser has no gender. My very first sexual abuser was a woman when I was 5 years old. Even though it was merely touching my parts, it was uncomfortable . So beware of some things.
Not to mention that how in majority cases of domestic violence women are culprits. We see how women tear woman apart in some situations.
The other source and most popular and easy source where I and many girls became victims is cyber bullying. After these experiences I wasn’t really comfortable and was afraid to meet boys so online dating was convenient for me but I had a very bad experience and it was very triggering. So I would urge all women and especially teenage girls to be vary of these things because there are manipulative monsters out there to harass your children, pretense of love.
In conclusion If we consider physical abuse I would say that every woman experiences being stared at inappropriately , groped, eve teased,raped , acid attacks and so on.
But the key to solve this matter is giving our children a proper sex education. According to famous instagram blogger and sexuality educator Dr. Swati Jagdish
If we give basic and right knowledge to our children it will only help them and prevent them from getting abused. If we use correct words then it will help children to be able to describe the situation more accurately. Let’s also watch what you are watching and doing and saying in front of your children and as we know curiosity kills the cat so watch your actions. These small things and normalising sex education and talks will help us to keep us and our children safe.