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Right to education is fundamental right of every human beings Whether it’s a man or a woman . And Elementary education should be available to every child, it is the law of our country.But there are still many children in our country who do not have access to education . Many children are unable to study even due to their poverty, parents put them into earning money at work right from childhood. And many the children are forced to beg .
In India, the practice of educating girls was not there, people used to think that girls should do house chores . In ancient time girls do not have access to educate . Girls are not permitted to go to school. As the time passes the thinking and mentality is changed and according to the time the girl that the SS to get educate but still there are many girls who are not allowed how to get educated who are not allowed to attend the school college and get the basic education that is the elementary education which is compulsory for every children of India.
Literacy rate of India is very low . The literacy rate of India is 74.04 % where as the male literacy rate is 82.1 4% and female literacy rate is 65.46 percent . You can see there is use different between the male and female literacy rate . Still there are many women’s who are not assessed to get educated . Due to the family pressure or in early age.
Yes , the literacy rate of women is low but we cannot say that the men are getting a proper kind of education, or all men have the access to education . Many various barriers in way of education maybe it can be a cultural barrier , physical barrier , communication barrier . There are still many such villages in India in which school is not available, people have to go far to study, only the thought of getting educated . Still there is not a proper education system in India . There are many people either boy or girl who want to get educated but due to the poor family condition they are not able to continue their studies .
Each and every person has right to get educated , but only if he or she won . We are no one to stop them from getting educated .