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As we all kn, in our Indian culture, women are always expected to do household chores, look after their family and their needs. Staying inside protected walls , hidden from the outside world, constraining their dreams,liberty,that’s what women are supposed to do.
However it’s good to see that today’s world has a lot of difference. Though women exploitation isn’t in control yet of course, but we get to see our females in higher standard already. Higher education, research work, law, high ranked officers, business- there’s no more place where women haven’t been proven effective. But can we really abolish all our old customs which used to hold women like a chain?
If you ask me, sorry to say but maybe that chain has gotten longer to be able to let women explore the outside world but that chair remain still unbreakable in most of the parts and one example of it is how we want women to be homely, to make a perfect wife, how women are still restricted , judged and have to face gender discrimination in every aspect, how most of the families teach their girls about cooking and chores while sons are just to get whatever however they want to.
Yes, we just allows our girls to be outside, but never forget to tell them how weak they’re to protect themselves.
And yes, we still believe that women should do all the work,just like the early era, though she does nothing less than men in their job. We never consider to help, we’re just making deals . Deals with their dreams, their life. Aren’t we?
Yes, it’s harsh to believe but still some family doesn’t accept independent woman as daughter-in-law, who accept, doesn’t be really happy about it and after all these if they are truly accepted, it’s always preached to keep the work-life balance while in other side men can spend anytime for the sake of their job.
That chain must be broken to stop this ongoing gender discrimination. Family should accept and help members whoever they are, whatever position or duty they hold. Women should be respected such a family member too, not only a wife to fulfill the duty.