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simran arora
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Living in the 21st century and talking about equality rights has only become a talk show. Whether it was a century ago or today, there is less or no equality in marriages. There might be a few relationships where equality could be present, but the other person may name it as compromises.

There are two kinds of equality in marriages considered here. One is the roles and responsibilities of a husband and a wife, and the second is same-sex marriage. Well, either of them is a dream today.

Let’s begin with the former scenario. The roles and responsibilities of a husband and a wife are not equal. Even if a woman steps out from home and begins her life as a working woman, society still expects her to perform the household duties. Many women maintain the work-life balance, but society questions the in-laws and comments upon the limits of a woman. There could be more sexist remarks, but this is the most common one. Moreover, when a couple has a baby, it’s the mother who is obliged to do more than the father. The sentiment of equal rights vanishes here and is not a priority here.

In the latter scenario, same-sex marriage does not have equal rights as that of straight marriages. For example, the Indian judiciary may have decriminalized section 377, but the union of marriage between two same sexes is yet a dream. The sad part is when cinema tries to normalize the situation through movies and dramas, they are not accepted and are mocked upon.

Either of the cases does not have equality in marriages currently. However, we hope that the scenario changes because it would bring acceptance of one’s identity beyond stereotypes.