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As beauty word appears, many assume it related or tied up to women’s only, it’s a myth or thought or assumption whatever we can say, people relate this word to women’s only. Is it an assumption/compulsion that women need to be beautiful by looks and each way possible?
Beauty doesn’t mean that you should be fair and good-looking, but it’s about your inner qualities and what you are, and how you behave and show up yourself.
But not only people but society as a whole think and want women to fit and fair and many commercials also show women as a fair and it also promotes that if you use a fair cream you will become beautiful and everyone will accept you. Sometimes it becomes awkward and insulting for women with normal skin tone or dark tone, but if skin tone would define your beauty then many will feel that they will be rejected by all whether it’s about a boy rejecting a girl or family insulting a dark-toned girl.
It is also assumed that women have to be perfect in all terms may it be facial or body structure or looks, actually it is sometimes imitated by things shown on media or commercials, and it’s so much seriously taken by women that they start following each routine of actress shown on that commercial. If a girl is fat, she is said to lose weight because the fat women are not accepted if she is thin, she is thin, it is said to her to become healthy and these all things continue everywhere whether at home or surrounding or any place. Beauty begins at the moment where you don’t compare one woman with another or any individual with another in any terms.