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Yes one in three women experience physical violence it is also confirmed by the WHO report, no matter how many laws form people will keep sexually harassing the women because they won’t fear from the government, and it has become normal for some women they are raped every other day and they are helpless because there have been also the cases where women are raped molested by police and doctors there is no safe place for women and this happens with small girls also they are so innocent they even don’t know what is happening with them. Even when we’re in lockdown girls and women who were assaulted by the family members and still women were suffering in that situation. Women should learn to defend themselves and please open up with parents about violence happening, kids should be taught about good touch and bad touch in schools, women should report to the police immediately or get help from the social organization, this violence causes anxiety, depression and traumatic behavior for a long period of time, women get much time to recover from this. for 2 minutes of pleasure you are destroying girls full life. There are more cases than we see in news and media, also we can see the hype in media for some time and after some time everything becomes normal, if any girls come forward to speak about her physical experience people should support her make her feel secure this will encourage her and also inspire. India needs stricter punishments for rapists and strict security for girls, we have to create a safe environment for females. Every girl fears traveling alone. Talk to strangers who have not taken birth to get rape. Our government needs to take action quickly.