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Before, the divorce rates were less and almost non existent. That is due to the fact that divorces were frowned upon then. Now, the rates are higher because divorce is legal. The reasons for divorce are infidelity, rape, abuse etc.
Marriages have improved and become more modern nowadays. But, some marriages still aren’t equal.
The bride usually has to leave her house after marriage. The same isn’t considered for the groom.
Women often have to bid goodbye to their careers after getting married because they have to stay at home and take care of their family.
They have to obey their husband and not talk back to him.
Some husbands think that they own their wife and think they can do whatever they want. Luckily, some of them do not tolerate this type
of behavior.
The rates of marital rape and abuse rise because many don’t take it seriously and do nothing. If people changed their attitudes, the divorce rates would go down.
If couples think of each other as equals, marriage would be so much easier.
Nowadays, the condition is getting better. Many people get out of abusive marriages and many couples have modern roles (ie: man staying at home to take care of the house and woman working). So I hope that one day gender equality will be achieved.