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Marriage has been a tough task for all the women around the country, the traditions, duties and responsibilities of a woman increases after she gets married, in india a woman has to sacrifice alot in her marriage than her husband, marital adornments on the other hand becomes a great responsibility for women, society constantly seeks women to follow all the traditions made for a married woman, every religion has different adornments. Hindu women needs to apply ‘sindur’, wear bangles after marriage. These adornments decide women’s position in a society, and decided whom she’s entitled to, these marital adornments are a constant reminder to women of their duties and responsibilities which are almost none to men. Woman’s body has been adorned according to the customs. Dasgupta, a famous journalist mentions when a woman applies red sindoor, she is seen as sexually desirable and passionate. Does it indicate that the woman is sexually available for the husband since she is supposed to put sindoor everyday throughout her marriage? It does create the issue of marital rape amongst people. Women in rajasthan are adorned to wear ivory bangles throughout their married life, they’re not allowed to remove them even at the time they sleep, they say it protects their marriage from evil. Why is it supposed to be women suffering from all these adornments? These Marital adornments according to the society basically stands for how men own women, which needs to be changed.