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Yes, I agree that women play part in upholding the patriarchy, so basically, patriarchy is all about man superior to women, and they have the right to make decisions and can control women. Simply put, it is an idea that most of them were raised with. This is one of the many reasons why humans find it hard to discuss ideas with each other, as cultural traditions and socialization are put into children for such long periods of time that it becomes almost quite difficult to convince them of other viewpoints. Closed minds and carefully created ideas of patriarchy are what has allowed some women to believe in it, to this day. It is all a question of culture. And in the worst patriarchal societies, women and girls can be treated as insignificant belonging of men, with few if any legal rights. This makes them very vulnerable to abuse. The best society in my view is one where men and women are truly equal. But surprisingly few women actually would want to live in such a world either. Most want to be protected and led by strong men. Of course, that’s due to generations of patriarchal dominance. If women continue to follow patriarchal norms they will continue to suffer and this will not end. We should sure our upcoming generation not follow the patriarchy and become independent. Patriarchy bounds women, they can do what they want and also they don’t get the respect which they deserve. Some women trying to break the patriarchal system, we need more such women to eradicate this patriarchy from our society.