Manpreet Singh
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Menstrual discharge is a normal biological function but sadly, even after entering modern times, it is still considered as some kind of a taboo. We continue to fail to understand that woman’s menstrual health is crucial to not only her well-being but also to the well-being of her family and community. But it is very normal, especially in the developing world, that our backward mindsets, customs, and other institutional biases are preventing women from getting the required menstrual health care they need. Menstrual hygiene is one of the most challenging development issues even today.
Mostly we associate menstruation with the start of puberty in girls and often, it sounds like a death knell to their freedom. They are burdened with rules and restrictions, isolation and changed expectations from the girls by the society. This sudden change in the attitude towards girls affects them so much. The restrictions on their self-expression, schooling, mobility, and freedom have deep consequences on their mindset. The main problem is that culture and society have a greater influence on people’s mindset and it creates a hurdle in ensuring that adolescent girls are given proper knowledge on menstrual hygiene. The main reasons for mensuration still being taboo and still is relevant in Indian society are illiteracy and poverty, coupled with lack of awareness about menstrual health and hygiene. It is a sad reality that only 18 percent of Indian women use and get access to sanitary pads. Even at the global level, it is estimated that at least 500 million women and girls still lack basic facilities for menstrual hygiene. Lack of information on basic things like sanitation and hygiene facilities, especially in public places like schools, workplaces, or health centers pose a major obstacle and a threat to women and girls.
It is high time that we should do something towards changing this outdated mindset about such a basic biological function. The government should play an active role in spreading information regarding menstruation hygiene.