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Apoorva Pathak
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Marriage is a special part of every women’s life. But not every marriage is successful or I must say satisfactory. because of inequalities faced by women. According to recent data, about 0.25% of total marriages are divorced .the divorce rate is much less than in other countries such as the U.S.A. and other European countries.
Since ancient times Indian societies were gripped with strong norms of having strong and successful marriages and sometimes marriage was also even compared with idols. We also find that in ancient Indian societies there are more arranged marriages than love marriages. but due to the prevalence of western society and the spread of education now young people are preferring love marriages are more suitable. are these marriages working?
The basic factor which causes divorce in India is inequalities. As societies are getting advanced they are well aware of their rights and if they are not satisfied they quiet. If we look into rural society we will find that women are considered a pet of their husband. She has to obey him and if not he will beath her and sometimes this heinous crime leads to the death of the bride.
Generally, these women are either illiterate or do not have any support from their parent’s side.
Although today our constitution and some landmarked judgment have given right to marriage women against violence. Inequalities and small mind thinkings which are still prevailing in the society such as wife should not take her own decision always have husband views. She has to never say no to physical relations with her husband even if she says not will to have it.
But our society is trying its best to educate girls telling about their rights and helping them. Hope we will see more changes and make our society an illusion.