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Transgender is a term used for people who have a different gender identity than the one they had at birth. In 2019, the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act was passed. It was met with lots of criticism. Many transgender people and activists felt that this act held them back rather than protecting them.
It has many disadvantages. Many trans people feel that this bill is not worth celebrating. The bill was drafted by non trans people who did not even consult transgender people so this bill is full of assumptions and misconceptions.
The people who committed crimes against transgender people get less time in jail than people who committed crimes against cisgender people.
The Bill made no mention of fundamental rights of trans people: such as, adoption and marriage.
If they want to be seen as transgender people, they must register with the government. This process is discriminatory because we do not know on what basis the committee is going to evaluate them on. To obtain the certificate, one must show proof of sex reassignment surgery. This is bad because, some might not want to proceed with the surgery and they might have to get it because the government requires them to. Also, some cannot afford it. Ironically, the 2014 Bill gave them the right to choose their own gender.
These laws often provide more difficulty than ease for trans people. The bill was drafted without the opinion of a trans person and it’s very obvious.
The attitudes of people towards trans people are also very bad. Many do not like the fact that there are people who do not identify with their gender identity at birth. They think behavior like this is abnormal. They also face transphobia on an almost daily basis. Trans people do not get any jobs and are often poor, so they have to resort to begging. Some people think they’re scary but they just want to be understood. They are normal. They deserve rights which truly represent them.