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Apoorva Pathak
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Today education for all is the universal topic and if we see that according to census the literacy rate in India there is a sharp rise in the enrolment of women in education from 18.3% in 1951 to 94.8% in 2001.
Despite this sharp spike in women’s education unfortunately we also find that there are only 39% of women who are literate among 64%man.
Since the time is changing many women are getting aware of their rights. There are many advantages of women’s education. It enhanced the economic growth of the country as literate girls understand their duties well. If she becomes independent she can manage financially many things and perform tasks in a better way. If she is Also good at communication which will enhance the job potential. It will also decrease the chance of abuse, delayed marriages which will ultimately lead to a decrease in maternal mortality rate as well as child mortality. It will also help the family to be healthy. Women’s education also leads to social illusion and enhancement of the economy. It will lead to the reduction of terrorism and militancy. Encouraging rights and equality for all. But if we see that women who are illiterate and do not have any support of their family hit worse. they are ill-treated and feel always haunted by violence.
It also leads to a high fertility rate as they are married early and don’t have knowledge of contraceptives. This situation often leads to early pregnancy and more mortality rate as they suffer from undernutrition, malnutrition, and various diseases. Women’s illiteracy leads to female infanticide and foeticide which leads to widening the gap of sex ratio. They are often betrayed by their husband as they are not well aware of the realities. Hope one day the sun will shine high and every ray will reach every corner of this planet and we all feel blessed with joy and equality for women.