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Shubhangini Shaktawat
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Access to Education
Education is not only a need, but also one of the most important factors playing a role in the advancement and development of the world. In a world that’s busy in all kinds of work and is full of competition, it becomes difficult for an uneducated person to survive and earn a living. There is a demand of high educational qualification and skills in all fields of employment, hence education plays a very vital role, not only for gaining knowledge, but also confidence and self-determination to step out and make one’s own name in the society. Education can be called the stepping stone to success.
In India, education is yet not a popular affair. More than half the population belonging to the strata below the poverty line cannot be educated and cannot even provide education to their younger ones. India although had released a policy of granting and providing free education to all children up to the age of ’14.’ This policy does not seem like it is being brought to effect at all, because we have seen multiple children being involved in child labor and suffering, but they definitely do not have access to education.
In multiple government schools in rural areas, it is found that the teachers and staff are usually under-qualified hence not being able to provide proper and apt education to children. This spoils the future of children belonging to slums even further. On the other hand, private schools in urbanized areas and developing areas are so expensive, that parents of a number of children cannot afford educating their children in those schools even if they wish to. In certain areas, girls suffer the most due to being denied the right to education due to limitations imposed upon them by the society.
A number of brands and companies, NGO’s and governmental organizations have taken the initiative to promote education, make people aware of the need of it, and have also provided education to a number of them. Programs like ‘beti bachao- beti padhao’ have been able to gain donations and contributions from all over India to provide education of all kinds to girls belonging to rural areas and underprivileged family backgrounds. States like Kerala have also had 100% literacy rate. Policies that Kerala followed need to be imposed and brought into effect across India so as to provide access to education to all girls, as it is their Fundamental Right.
A woman myself,
Shubhangini Shaktawat