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“The world is wasting a precious resource in the dramatic underrepresentation of women in leadership positions, often resulting in the exclusion of women’s talents and skills in political life.” – Madeline Albright, Former United States Secretary of State.
Women are vastly underrepresented in India’s political climate. It is very tough to see an equal number of politicians from both genders because the ratio of men is higher than that for women. In fact, India ranked 149th out of 193 Countries for women representation in the parliament.
I agree with Proposal A. It is important that every part of the population should be represented equally. Men outnumber women on a large scale when it comes to politics. With the lack of female politicians in India, it is very hard to get our issues heard. Men might not understand the scale of the issues concerned with us. Although there are some male politicians who understand that we face a lot of issues, they might not fully understand it from our perspective.
There are many female politicians in India who have had the position of chief minister, prime minister and president respectively; namely, Jayalalithaa Jayaram,Indira Gandhi and Pratibha Patil. Although parties which were or are being led by women exist, the size of women MPs in the party are significantly less when compared to the amount of male MPs.
When there are more women in a political party, significant changes occur. Women are concerned with policies which concern family and equality.
Although women politicians are a great advantage, many are still not confident of having a woman leader. These types of attitudes should stop. Male dominated parties are at a disadvantage as well. Even if female politicians exist in their party, the men take the final decision at the end of the day. Women are capable of making their own decisions especially when their policies concern them. People need to have faith in women politicians so that there will be less of an attitude towards women and encourage more women to be educated on their issues and go into politics, if they’re interested.