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Transgender is a topic which less talked about in Indian society, also but after a long time the government in 2019 transgender people passed that transgender people are being allowed to change their gender post-sex reassignment under legalization passed in 2019 and have constitutional right to reserve themselves under the third gender. Transgender should be treated with the same respect and dignity. But still, Transgender people face neglecting from jobs, schools in families, and communities they face discrimination. Society is not ready to accept them. They have to live in very poor conditions, tackle abusive, even if laws have passed there is not much change happen from them they still more laws for their safety and security. The y don’t get the health care benefit. People should start accepting them as they are, make them part of our life also they have the right to live a normal life. But now something is slowly changing we can see informs male, female and other, options, colleges, and institution are ready to accept them and give admission, people are open about their sexuality letting people know who they are earlier people used to hide their sexuality because of society fear they will not accept them. I hope they receive the same recognition in companies also. Transgender is very sweet and helping nature. There is no solution to bring equality and recognition for transgender people and they have to keep fighting for them. Also, people should make it clear transgender people are not burdened they are equal as we are.