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Public transport is for each one who for one or the other reason opt for, some travel because they don’t own their own, some travel, because the distance is long so to reach in fewer time trains, are a great option. There are buses, trains, metro trains, taxis, etc. for people as public transport. Public transports are not only used by working people but many students also.
When you take public transportation, whether metro or a bus, you may not automatically think about gender differences. But men’s and women’s experiences with transport systems differ greatly, particularly when related to their physical security and safety. Violence against women and girls in public transport and public spaces are high. Common types of abuse faced by women and girls in public transport range from leering looks and offensive gestures or unwanted touching and sexual assault.
When we talk about the safety of women, it’s a wider area to discuss, if a woman wants to travel alone for a long distance, she is told to accompany someone with her for her safety, women’s travel patterns are more complex and heterogeneous. Women are at greater risk of violence from strangers on public transportation and walking to and from transportation. The risks and safety differ from place to place and country to country, so it is really important to be sure before traveling to a place that is unknown. “High levels of harassment and other abuse in public transportation can limit women’s willingness to travel, reducing their earning options. Safety in public transportation is more a common thing, and if violence or abuse or any kind of touch happens, many women don’t report these issues because they think their report would be neglected or some are not aware of the laws and how and where to lodge.
When you look at who takes public transport, women depend more on public transport than men, so it should be ensured that their safety and security are considered and given a top priority.