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Dharani Sri
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In the changeable world, only one thing has not changed till now. That is the female infanticide. Female foeticide is the abortion of the baby in the womb of the mother after knowing the sex of the baby (girl). How drastic is this to hear right?
Not only in India, in many other countries the parents think that having a baby boy will lift their life and having a baby girl will drastically lead to economic drain. Because of this they kill the baby even before she breathes and feel the fresh air of the atmosphere.
Now, girls are as worth as the boys. They also marked in every field from cleaning vessels to flying in the space. The worst thing is that people worship goddess but they kill the girl baby in the mother`s womb because she is a girl. The other reason is because they want a baby boy, so if they find that the baby is a girl, they will abort it or kill them after the birth. Most of them forget that they came to the world by a woman.
The government has also banned to expose the sex of the fetus. Because of this, many parents go to Thailand where it is legal. there they can able to know their baby`s sex. If it a baby girl, they will abort it.
To stop this female foeticide, we have to create more awareness among people. And we should try to change the mindset of the parents who are willing to abort their baby girl. We should try each way possible. The change will come only if we change our mindset.