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In recent few years the girls & boys attending school more than ever before , Education is very main thing of every generations , back to 15-20 years there are not many people who knows their rights , their laws , knowledge , Facts about space & many more… But now in recent times the people are rising their voice for rights , bad politics , crimes …
Today young people when they where kid they didn’t have smartphone or not many have computer so they only study what they read to them didn’t get a chance to learn expect from book , but today generation kid’s have better knowledge as comparing to same age because now education system is changing every thing is now on net , we can search we can see , Today’s kid learn from visuals , from animation stories which makes learn interesting & focusing .
Life cycle approach 0 to 5 years early childhood care , development & education , 6 to 11 basic education : literacy , numeracy & basic life skills. 12 to 18 positive adolescent development .
The creating better education system is increasingly important so that a child’s starting point in life doesn’t determine their future.