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Semantee Chattopadhyay
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Every Indian girl after reaching a certain age has been asked when does she want to get married. Marriage is an institution that is deeply rooted in our culture. Be it India or the west historians have agreed that marriage was never based on love, instead, it was based on the transfer of land, property, money etcetera. Till today, many women have to change their surnames after marriage. The basis of marriage is far away from equality. Equality in a relationship means that each person’s interests and desires are respected. Inequality in a relationship refers to in balance of power between partners.

Although society has progressed, gender stereotypes still prevail. When one partner holds on to the traditional perspective and the other one doesn’t they have a hard time progressing in the marriage. In the case of traditional marriages, it is a mutual understanding that the husband is dominant. In India, the traditional style of marriage still prevails. A woman is expected to take care of her kids, her husband, her house and her family without complaining.