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Shumaila Siddiqui
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A woman’s life is a challenge in itself, they have to go through a lot of hurdles at each and every stage of the life. Nothing comes easy to them, if we talk about the challenges female college student than the first would be the harassment they experience while travelling, in campus, classrooms and sometimes from authorities itself. Even though sometimes the harassment is not the right word to put on the situation, but they do face some incidents which is not acceptable as a man or women.
Due to the adultery changes in their body girls are often going through some or other health issues. They find it hard to deal with the health specially mental health and the studies. All of a sudden they get swamped by lot of works to be done simultaneously. Some household allows girl to study on basis of some condition that if the y will do household chores along with studies that only a girl is free to pursue higher education.
Also, they have hustle for the financial help towards their clothing, travelling, accommodation, food and for expenditure on education. All this can turn their mental health into disaster, and they have to live with this all the time.
Ragging of girls look, clothes, voice and their way of talking is also an easy target for the seniors to make them follow according to their commands. We need to have a friendly environment at colleges and home so that our girls will not be reluctant to talk about their issues and problems.
Lastly, if a girl is educated than she can make a whole generation be educated, so make every girl educated and see to it that no girl is left behind to make it high in education.