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In our world, specially in India, women are always expected to serve, to give. After a certain age her demands are stamped as selfish desires. They are taught to live for their husband, children and family selflessly.
However among the so called selfless services, we often forget that women have a body too which need proper care, the womb where she carries our future generations.
At first let us talk about common health issues like back pain and knee pain after 30, caused by lack of calcium, autoimmune disease, depression and anxiety, gynecological health etc. We, women don’t take proper care of ourselves, thus scarcity of vitamin and minerals are seen mostly.about 30% means one-third of women suffer from anemia in India, caused by lack of iron.
If we site maternal health, according to WHO, 295000 deaths occurred in 2017 of which 86% are among south eastern Asia and sub saharan Africa. And the worst part is 94% of these deaths are from lower and lower middle class due to some preventable causes like animia, high blood pressure during pregnancy, infection, unsafe abortion and so on…
About reproductive health, women don’t even take them in concern, not knowing how much rough they can be. Diseases like breast cancer, ovarian cancer, Interstitial cystic are getting too much common. But still women even from current generation are treating them like just a 100 degree of fever, which is gonna be fine in just a few days. No girls it’s not.
Women are not concerned even about their period hygiene, some families still make their girls use old clothes which comes as a major cause of uterus cancer and vaginal infection. So we have not only one but a fur list of issues growing in women. The tragedy is, we only concern women that how much weak their bodies are but never tried to strengthen them. Is it still that ancient time when women were used to be a child birth machine? Nobody had anything to say about their unfortunate death. Vaginal health is still a taboo. Breast cancer should be talked in whisper.
Yes, we lack vitamin, mineral, necessary protein, roughage, but you know what we lack most? It’s the general awareness. Treating health issues are doctors job in deed but treating taboo issues? That’s what we need most.