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anshika agarwal
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It is not at all safe for women to travel through public transport. In india only 9% women feel public transport is safe while 3% women claims that it is completely unsafe.
A majority of women claimed that public transport is safe in day time and it’s unsafe only at nights. One of key issues raised by women was that it’s condition should be improved. In a noted report majority of the women lived within a 15-minute walking distance to the nearest public transport but only 35% of them chose to walk there while other women’s used shared transport or personal vehicles to travel. There is a lack of road lighting and it was a key factor behind feeling unsafe. Public Transport is unsafe but it is the inky option available to some women as they can’t afford private transport or cabs. About 38% women uses buses to transport while 35% women uses metro. The difference in the means of public transport preferred by women is according to their incomes and earnings. While women in lower income groups prioritized affordability over comfort, women with consequently higher income groups preferred to travel in more personalized spaces. Public Transport are completely unsafe as we had heard many cases of rape and acid victims or molestation in public transport.
Therefore, it’s not safe for women to travel in public transport but they are still travelling in public transport due to their low income. There is a need to update and make the condition better and safer for women.