Get Inspired, Be Empowered Forums Gender Justice Can it be acknowledged that – generally speaking – men are better at some things than woman, and vice versa? Reply To: Can it be acknowledged that – generally speaking – men are better at some things than woman, and vice versa?

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No , it’s absolutely wrong .Every human is equal .Whether it is a man or a woman. Both of them are equal , both handle equal responsibility . And both have the ability to perform their task efficiently and effectively they know what their roles .
Yes, God has made men and women a little different from each other .But nowhere is it said that a men are better and women is nothing or vice-versa .God has created a man and woman in such a way that both are incomplete without each other. If a woman is responsible for bringing a new life into this world then man is responsible for transferring the sperm . It is possible only when a man and woman are together . To keep the balance in life , the women and men need to walk together . If a woman or a man considered herself or himself superior to the other person the balance will disable which will affect the life.
Yes there is difference in the physical structure of a man and woman and the difference is not so huge . As men contain a penis and women contain uterus . The chest of woman developed rapidly and the man does not develop too much . Man voice is harsh and woman have a soft voice . We considered all these thing as a difference I don’t think so this should be considered as a difference in men and women .
Taking about Strength , yes we can say that in men is little bit good and strength in comparison to women . But now is a woman proper nutrients do proper exercise and proper diet she can also increase her strength. Mary Kom , Geeta and Babita – these are the example of how strong is women is and how she can develop strength and proof it also .The most important weapon of a woman is her control on emotions . Yes , we all consider women weak as she can cry easily . But you know what it is not considered as a weakness is the biggest strength of a woman and she has emotion and she can face the problem and can get rid of them . So , if a man has physical strength then a woman has mental strength .
In educational and occupational background both men and women has prove their capability . We can see a man and woman pilot . Man and woman guard . I’m male and female teacher professor. A woman and man entrepreneur , CEO ,owner .
Men and women both are equal it just the thinking of the society and this difference was created by them only and accepted by the other people . We cannot say this person is better and another person is useless everyone has a uniqueness in their nature , ability , strength we just need to identify in which we are perfect , try to overcome a disabilities , increase our strength and if need change your nature .
We can say that men and women both are equal in each and every field . So the statement — “men are better at something then woman and vice-versa” is completely wrong.