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Mansplaining is a sexist term for patronizing and/condescending explanations being given by men to women. It is twisting the simple concept of condescension into a political/gender issue. He’s making a negative unwarranted assumption about her competence on the basis of gender. Mansplaining is a thing one human does to another, It gets it’s name because is most often done by men to women. Often the woman is actually more knowledgeable than the mansplainer, but since he apparently doesn’t pause to consider the possibility the result is incredibly condescending and patronising. In a mansplaining situation, the man is always on the offense and the woman on the defense. In other words, if the man speaks whatever comes to his mind and expects the woman to respond to it yet doesn’t fully listen to and consider her points in return, that’s mansplaining.
Mansplaining” is a gross generalization that men intentionally talk condescendingly to women on certain topics. Men can avoid mansplaining by simply checking whether their knowledge is required or helpful. They should also be sure to acknowledge the source of contributions if they repeat them. But women do the same to men. men should try listening to women a bit more. So it’s unpleasant and hypocritical to have and use a term that propagates the notion that this is a distinctly male expression of gender-bias.