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Gayatri Somvanshi
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Well I would say that it’s a dream turning into reality. So far I would say that we have all come a long way by taking baby steps.
I won’t really deny the fact that today’s condition is a lot better than in ancient and medieval eras where women were not even allowed to show their face. But one common thing between both the Era and today’s modern era is that even then women were struggling and even today that women are struggling for their own rights is common and this fact won’t change.
But let’s not ignore the fact that we have really come a long way till now and I also believe that we will walk ahead and make this dreamy situation real one day . It’s been a remarkable journey so far from Ahilyabai holkar, Rani Lakshmi bai , Indira Gandhi to Saina Nehwal , Priyanka Chopra and Kamala Harris, Sunita Williams. We have some incredibly strong women who are practically ruling the globe.
Today’s women are striving hard and are achieving great heights and breaking numerous stereotypes. The foremost and most beautiful thing is they are doing it by their choice and for themselves and not for getting a good match or because boys nowadays want their wives to be educated. They dream and work hard to get that dream turned into reality. There are families now who strongly support girls and plan their education. Today’s women are actually virtuous as they not only grow themselves but encourage and take other women’s hand in their hand and encourage them to go together. We see many less scenarios of women tearing woman apart.
There are many families who teach their sons to respect women and also families who are in fact enthusiastic to have a girl child in their house. I know we still have a long way to go but honestly the situation so far has been a revolution to me. Today women are breaking their limitations and coming forward and raising voices. Due to movements like me too many women have come forward and shared their experiences. Today many rape survivors are coming out and sharing their experience but also guiding women who are victims to live life normally and freely. The best example is Natasha Noel who is encouraging self love. We also have many women who are expressing their sexuality bravely and normalising LGBTQ and supporting eachother. Today transgender women are receiving education and even reached on global platform like United Nations.
Not only this but most important part is played my all the female content creator who have actually helped many young teenage girls to gain confidence and also propagated sex education and have raised fund for help and encouraged women to live thier lives freely . Fashion bloggers especially plus size bloggers have actually come forward and broken them thinking that plus size women cannot be fashionable and thus today all the fashion sites and apps have all the size clothes.
So far our progress is great but there is still the other side of stories as there are people who are still not respecting women. There are so called educated people who hold highest qualifications and post involved in hazardous crimes like rape and domestic violence. There are school going kids fearlessly slandarring and slutshaming girls on social media. But fortunately social media is trying to protect girls and allow them to shut up any bullshit and thus here we are all growing and hope so we will always keep growing and make India a better place to stay.