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simran arora
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We must look towards the details to encourage women to do better while striving for an empowered future. One of the common problems looked out by a girl during her college years is the transport services disappoint more than often. Mostly, girls face sexual or physical harassment in public transportations, and still, it goes unnoticed.

The second could be the lack of proper sanitation. Many government and private colleges may have sanitized washrooms, but the availability of sanitary napkins still holds a problem. Thirdly, the social difficulties faced by girls are not welcoming, especially when it is related to appearance, their choice to marry early, or their decision to work while they are studying. One may not want acceptance, but one cannot deny that somewhere in the bottom of the heart, one does want it.

Like I mentioned above about the sexual harassment in public transportation, that is not the only place likely for such incidents. Even in academic institutions or in-and-around colleges, either a girl gets assaulted by any teacher or any other student. The parent’s concern sticks to sending them to colleges that suit their location and time. With the increasing crime rate in the country, it has been difficult for girls to go far away from home and live their life as they want.

Besides the physical pain, stress during college affects mental health as well. In between all the life, the college years of a girl is one of the most challenging phases of life. Thereby, these were some of the challenges faced by female college students during their college years.