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We already have become aware about importance of Martial arts, specially in women’s life as rape, sexual assault, unwilling touch are increasing day by day. It’s absolutely necessary to make practicing martial arts in daily life to make our female feel physically and mentally strong.
However in today’s world, not everyone is used to make a place for martial arts in practice. Or maybe not everyone is in a suitable condition of it. But is being weak should imply that she is deserved to be assaulted? Of course not.
Among these situation, there’s a handy solution, called martial adornment.
Yes, it actually means to the dress code, or weapons like sword or shield and many customs have their own adornment.
Though it’s absolutely not so very good thing to carry a man-killing weapon with ourselves.
So what’s the big idea about the martial adornment?
These things basically comes from our ancestor women who were expected to stay in a safer palace, cook, feed, do household works and most necessarily, no need to involve in war, whether to protect your kingdom or yourselves. Thus, no need to carry or practice swing a sword by yourself. But it’s absolute to somehow, somewhere foes tried to attacked and get their hands on female.
So then they usually used the most common but powerful things which comes handy and protect themselves by attacking the sensible points. This is what we’re using in our modern area too. Tools like pepper spray, sharp spoon, sharp knife etc.
Ok, so if you ask about importance, we can say that our mother or if we go to rural areas, even sisters and daughters too are not much aware about martial arts and it’s importance. Either they had no idea about it or don’t know where and how to be taught. In these case, martial adornments come handy. And according to me, even before we’re teaching martial arts, we should make our girls use the adornments as, first of all they come handy, easy to carry, easy to be taught how to use, can be useful against minor numbers of men or any kind of agitation.
So, it’s absolutely a better thought as rape and physical assault is increasing aggressively without any specified age. If we want our women to stand strong, it’s absolutely necessary to protect and strengthen every one of them without discriminating on age, surrounding and thus martial adornment is being vital in modern world.