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Women have always been sacrificing whether it is their studies, personal life, work-life, family, or any of the things. When it comes to family, all prefer to take family plan for the protection of the whole family but never it is heard or said that a woman has an individual plan for her own.
Women should opt for a plan that takes care of them in all terms, there should be a policy that will only help oy women for their individuality, Under the income tax rules, women in India pay less tax as compared to men in India. This helps them in saving more on their disposable income. Typically, as women have more longevity than men; these days insurance policies are designed to address this cause as well as with a motive to encourage more women to invest in health insurance plans.
Women across the globe play a vital role in managing and bringing up a family, whether she works or not but family responsibilities, kids’ responsibility is on mothers because they are assumed to be doing it and it’s their duty to do everything for the family. So, if she could least do something for her is taking a plan for her own as an individual.
Most women in India still remain ignored when it comes to seriously take charge of their health. They are either dependent or too busy with daily chores to even think beyond that periphery. Most of the rapidly spreading diseases are a result of unhealthy lifestyles but can be corrected if managed with little care and precautions. So it’s a time to make effort to adopt a healthy lifestyle with an independent health policy that can really benefit