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When a girl enter in the college she has to go through many challenges because colleges are not near, some girls have to travel far to reach the colleges, and colleges does not provide travelling facility so everyone have to come on their own while travelling alone girls have to do through stalking, eve teasing , hearing the vulgar comments and then if girls are fresher then ragging happens with them, also sanitation facility college is not that much good because there are so many girls it becomes difficult to maintain hygiene , also girls fall in love with boys than some crack head boys take advantage of girls and make the videos and create fear in girls, college girls have to go through body shaming, they lose self-confidence .also there been cases where male teachers try to sexually harass girl and torture her failing her in exams if she does not do as they want, some girls have to drop the college in between her course because of parents force them to marriage and then continue the studies, in college some girls compares a lot with other girls and also make fake rumors about them to just for fun and character shaming. Girls should select their friends very nicely because wrong friends can also have a very bad effect on them. Some girl’s faces health issues because they eat junk food from the college canteen and also not eating for a long period of time they fall sick easily, girls find it difficult to manage the assignments and do household chores, parents do not allow girls to college night events and educational trips most of the girls don’t like this behavior of parents, I would say a girl should try to enjoy her college life also if something wrong happens with try to discuss with your family and teachers it is very important instead of keeping to suffer in silence.