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Since ages, femininity has been equated with weakness no matter who portrays it. This has its roots in our patriarchal society which places more importance on men and hence values ‘masculine’ traits more. Because of this, all girls go through a phase where the hate the so- called feminine actions like hating pink, glamour and wearing boyish clothes, wanting to be ‘different’ than all other girls. This is due to the internalized misogyny which as the girls grow older unlearn and get used to being independent, making their own choices without considering if men will accept her.

Most movies today are directed by men, as the film industry like most others is male dominated. The portrayal of women we see in this popular media is called the ‘male gaze’. The men direct how the women characters should look, talk, walk, act, and dress only in ways that are pleasing to the men. Hence, what we see the actresses wearing and how we see them is purely based on the director’s male gaze. On the other hand, women are constantly demeaned for their choices, because a woman who makes her own choices and sticks with them is a danger to other men because it takes away their so- called authority.

Hence, the statement that ‘Female actresses should not use their femininity for promotion’ is inherently sexist and implies that femininity is something insulting or impure. If actors showing off their physique and participating in brutal fighting scenes is acceptable, there is absolutely no reason why the same standards should not apply to their female counterparts. We can only change our mindsets as a society by confronting our internalized misogynistic thoughts and teachings and move towards a more open- minded world.