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One in three women experiences physical or sexual assault, maybe from a partner or someone intimate to them. Violence against women has become so common that after happening of these things, they are still said to be quiet because it is common and you have to bear it, so there is the myth and reality too.
When we talk about the physical experience at least once in life, yes it happens in most cases, and commonly within our own surrounding or the ones who are known to us, there are many cases of sexual assault, rapes within a family, or relative. It can be in any form like touch which is not good touch and it continues till an unknown person getting physical, and it makes women feel insecure and not safe and it becomes hard for a woman to trust anyone around.
Women who face physical or sexual abuse are likely to get depression, face injuries, pregnancy complications, according to WHO report. Women experience physically in forms of rapes, intimate partner violence like marital rape, child sex abuse, human trafficking, etc. 36.5% of women in the world experience sexual or physical violence. Due to these issues related to women, they also suffer health problems, they get mentally or emotionally weak. These things happen each day but the reports of these are very less and it not actually brought and it brings an increase of issues and challenges for women to suffer.