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It isn’t wrong to say that India isn’t a safe country for women. You hear of rape cases being reported in the news almost daily. In fact, this occurs so often that many have been desensitized to rape. Women often have a fear of going out because of this. They often have to take many precautions while going anywhere.
Self Defense is important. It can make a positive effect on someone’s life, making them more confident. In order to defend ourselves from the men around us, we can learn several martial arts like taekwondo, karate, or judo. It can help women to go from place to place safely and the quality of life for women can improve. Many women have had a positive impact after learning self defense.
Many colleges and schools offer a one-time class where the student can learn to defend herself with the basic tips learnt. Unfortunately, this isn’t enough. The Government should offer self defense classes to women with trained professionals and make them completely trained in self defense.
Although, we need to understand that this is not enough. How much ever we’re trained in self defense doesn’t matter because we do not see a change in men, the rates of women exploitation aren’t going down at all. Men do not need to go through the trouble of learning self defense. They are not even called out on their behaviour when they do wrong. when they do wrong. So, what’s the use? The scenario doesn’t look like it’s going to change.
Although self defense is useful, women do not need to learn self defense just because they want to live. The attitudes of men must change. It can start by correcting them when they’re wrong, calling them out on their misogynistic behaviour, teaching their fellow men to respect women and not make any woman feel unsafe in her own country, city, or house.