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Apoorva Pathak
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Since today after a lot of advancement and modernization females are considered a bad omen. Oh is that girl child abort her. If she will bear it is lead to poverty. These are some of the pinching sentences used by people. Why girls are always discriminated against? Why such hatred? The question is just why?
On the one hand, people are worshipping female deities and on the other, they are brutally killed without thinking. In India, there are more than one million female foeticide and these cases are increasing the gap and differencing between sex ratios. It is not a new practice but it is deep-rooted in society they consider having a girl child means a drain of wealth and lead to social burden.
Even after strict laws against this heinous crime, some people are practicing them. Despite the number of campaigns and slogans, people are still fond of having sons.
The main reason for this evil cause is lack of education. This heinous crime usually occurs in those states who are backward and are illiterate, having the low status of women, small family norms, and misuse of diagnostic machines.
The government of India has launched many schemes regarding this evil such as Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana, Balika Samriddhi Yojana, and many more.
This situation is more prevalent as women are not included in the decision-making process and they are not able to raise their voice against unjust norms.
According to the UNDP gender inequality index India has slipped down and some to the 140th rank among 156 countries. It feels some time shame when we see other countries such as Bangladesh whose position is above India.
Generally, women are considered the weaker sex and they need security. This leads to the decline of moral and ethical standards when doctors revoke their Hippocratic oath while doing female foeticide.
Though our constitution provides the right to life to every individual still why women are not allowed to live in this world they killed before even arriving in this world.