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Manpreet Singh
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Education is one of the most significant parts of every individual’s life. School and college is the best and a valuable experience for most of the students including both girls and boys. But girls have to face most hindrances on their education journey. Girls face a lot of challenges while studying at college. They face problems according to their social setup and they vary among them. However, there are common problems that are faced by girl students during college. Health issues are common as most of the girl students stay away from the home. Outside food is not up to mark and cause them to fall sick very quickly. Unhygienic sanitary conditions are a kind of roadblock for them as they cannot raise such issues easily with the management. Girl students face many social problems as some students found it difficult to mingle with the new people studying in their classes. Social hindrances cause them a lot of mental stress and as a result, they lose focus from the study. Mental health conditions also deteriorate as a result.
Another biggest problem is rural and some urban parents forcing their daughters to undergo early marriages. This causes either new overwhelming responsibilities with the new relationships or discontinuing the study itself in most of the cases. There are other problems also like growing crime rates, which causes concerns regarding safety and security in the education zone for all female students. Girl students face problems of harassment sometimes within the institutes, people outside the institutes. They have to be very careful while coming from their homes to schools and colleges. Moreover, girls living away from home have to suffer from the harassment of hostel authorities. Lastly, they also have to face many financial issues. As, tuition fees of schools, academy fees, daily transport charges, food charges, examination fees, other activities like parties, trips expenses make it very difficult to study by affording all these expenses. For this purpose, some students starting teaching little kids after college which results in a lack of sleep and lack of time for their own study, and the amount of responsibility.
The solution for this purpose is firstly to have a major overhaul regarding the problems that are specifically faced by girls students. And lastly, the parents should encourage their girl child to aim for higher education.