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Shubhangini Shaktawat
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How much it is safe for women to travel through public transport?
The hustle and bustle of this advancing world is increasing day by day. In such a condition, it is impossible for the man belonging to the middle class to use his or her own vehicle to reach out from one place to another during work hours. Hence, usually working men and women prefer using public transport not only to adhere to their work timings amidst traffic, but also to be able to make savings as it is affordably cheaper than travelling on their own. At the same time, what is increasingly high, is the rate of crimes against women in public transport, or rather abuse. Hence, it is unsafe to a great extent for women to travel through public transport.
It is very normal for the newspaper everyday to have news that tells us how a woman is molested in a bus by a group of men and even the driver and conductor are responsible as culprits. Even if it isn’t the matter of molestation, even the slightest of touch, groping, a look of the eye, or certain gestures are enough for a man to sexually abuse a woman and completely ruin her mentally and emotionally. At times, younger women are not even able to speak up against it if it happens with them, due to the sudden trauma they suffer. Public transport is usually crowded and there is not much space for a person to stand or sit freely. Some men use this as an advantage and make use of the situation to perform what they want to.
Public transport provides reserved seats for women and at times there are separate compartments for women as well. But, when there are common spaces for both men and women in either buses, or trains, or auto-rickshaws, it proves to be a boon for sick-minded people and a curse for women. There have been cases reported in which the same women have been sexually abused by the same people over and over constantly during their journeys in public transport, and due to lack of sources and facilities, those women cannot even change their route or transport system. Certain men also try to misbehave with women when it comes to the seats reserved for only women. Hence, we know it is not safe for women to travel through public transport at all. We require a more strict system so as to secure women’s rights.
A woman myself,
Shubhangini Shaktawat