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Females in each area of her life have to face and are still facing many issues and problems, be it at home, at the workplace, at school, at colleges, etc. College life is a very important phase for each child, and if it comes to girls, then it is more challenging and experiencing everything to them because many girls in some areas and regions are not allowed to study higher education or not allowed to go to colleges because it is still believed that women’s don’t need study more because at the end they have to be at home and manage family.
College life is the most challenging phase for a girl, Although identified challenges range from social-economic to policy and institutional-based, sexual harassment even by male lecturers, cyberbullying among others. Sexual harassment in institutions is the most common challenge as they are pressured to give sexual favors because they are in fear that they might end up failing by lecturers. After this thing happens again the challenge of facing problems in reporting the case arises and the greatest number of girls don’t because they are not aware of how to do it.
Another challenge is economic, it’s at the family level, financial burdens on families may force families to select which of their children to attend school, in most cases being the male child. And parents end up making their male child educate more and girls have to sacrifice. So, we can say that girls before going to college start facing challenges from their home itself.
A challenge of ‘To fit in’ with the students around and with peer also arise for a girl in colleges. There is also the challenge of inadequate and unsafe education infrastructure including sanitation. Lack of water in the toilets is a problem as females require water in those facilities for menstrual hygiene purposes. Traveling from college to home and vice versa is also an issue because some of can’t afford high facilities and so have to travel through public transport and there are few who just find a chance to touch girls or talk to them.
There are many challenges a female college student faces, but it should be ensured that girls are educated on some laws and how to approach a situation. Institutes and colleges should take up the responsibility to ensure a safe environment for all the students so that they reach their academic and professional goals.