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I would say NO women should not be paid for the household work, because you cannot cost a women’s love and care for her family in terms of money, yes we can reward her by helping her, giving her the respect and love that she deserves, also we can fulfill her wish, express our gratitude towards her every time she does anything special for us. Women are working all the time she hardly gets time for her enjoyment and hobbies, we should make sure she gets time for herself. Women from childhood have been taught to handle the family do the household works, but family should not treat women as servants they are also humans better not forget this, some days she does not feel like doing any work than men should come forward and do the work that will be very helpful to her or if married women go to her house for some period of time please don’t call her back just because you want to take care of house and family, it often happens with married women they can’t go to their mother’s house because of her duties towards the husband. It is important that husband should give her liberty to stay as long she wants and make her come when she wants, this also the way you pay her by your action, the husband should never ask her wife to pay for her own clothes and extra desires she has and men should fulfill her wishes. Recognition of efforts is important and makes her smile because she is the true woman of the house that would be the best reward for her.