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Mansplaining is the combination of two words is men and explain, so basically when men explain women about something that women already knew and have the knowledge while explaining their tone of speaking is arrogant, it usually happens with every woman, their intention to that women cannot speak they don’t have knowledge about the topic. Also, this has been a culture in society that men are superior to women, they can dominate women. All this is bullshit, why women have to always listen, can’t men develop the habit of listening. Men often ask women to smile and say women should behave in a certain way when they are in public, then they call women are sensitive and have no voice to speak against women, men explain women’s own job to them, it’s very irritating to every woman, men’s are always appreciated to talk about feminism, sexism, women talk whatever they want, even if they are wrong because they are guys and have the liberty to talk its mansplaining and it’s a big problem. In some situations, women are often considered as outsiders and they have zero knowledge even if women have an idea of how to deal with it, women are allowed to voice up on things they know and not allowed to teated like the ignorant one. Women are unprepared for the mansplaining when it happens women can shut the man in a friendly way by saying I got your point, but I already knowledge about it, if I face any problem in future I will ask you. Women always fear to use humor in professional life, women can use a quick joke to men and then smile so they can understand their intention is clear. Sometimes men do not have wrong intent while mansplaining women can call out their behavior and this also helps to create understanding.