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Yash Tiwari
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It is very true that major challenges still lie ahead for female students in tertiary institutions. Young ladies are faced with challenges on and off-campus. Since girl students are tending to show up in huge numbers in the institution of higher learning, attention should be paid to how and what is the problem that most of these female students face. It is a challenge for most young ladies who are entering the working terrain, especially in the capital cities. It is very disheartening to note that the rate of unemployment among female graduates persists with little or no improvement, as this implies that most educated female graduates still find it challenging to secure a formal job.

A wide array of challenges envelop college campuses across the globe making a woman’s world a tougher one to navigate within. Regardless of your skin color, religion, education, and whether you come from a developed or developing country, it is an unfortunate reality that there are simply more obstacles for women than for men. Aside from coursework and the day-to-day activities involved with being a student, it is not uncommon for girls to suffer various forms of discrimination. Added to this is the fact that Boys are physically stronger and larger than girls. Boys are taught to find solutions to problems on their own. Boys tend to be independent and fearless. On the other hand, girls are nurtured into submissive, dependent, and fearful personalities.

Historically, college girls used to interact, socialize and develop relationships with their schoolmates. But, today this is changing with the emergence of new challenges experienced by female students in schools. Such problems are so embedded in the system that without serious attempts to remove them, little can be done to improve the situations of college students. The probability of high-interest-rate loans, evasion of the law and lack of criminal punishment for abusers, and the economic pressures on male counterparts of female students should be addressed.

Right now there are so many women still facing sexual assault despite being a student in the university. Most of the time, they did not make an official report regarding what happened to them but in fact, many secretly experience some sort of exploitation. Yes! Because this is so wrong, and if this won’t be stopped somehow then women will continue to be victimized. Thus, universities should designate a room where every student could report such actions and cases about their fellow students. Universities must have a strong stand against every foul behavior towards college girls